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Love is Your Birthright

Marc Gafni » Daily Wisdom Post » Eros-Ethics-Meaning » Love is Your Birthright

Peacock cochlea

by Marc Gafni

Love between people, at its core, is not an emotion. Love between people, at its core, is a perception. Love is a Unique Selfperception. The emotion is a direct result of the perception. To be a lover is to have eyes to see. Love perceives the True Nature of things. To love another is to perceive their True Nature. Love is the joy and pleasure you receive from your perception of someone’s Unique Self. Deeper still, love is a realization of the infinite gorgeousness and beauty of other, which is their True Nature. Love of you is my realization of you. If love of other is the perception of the other’s Unique Self, then self-love is the perception, the realization, of your own Unique Self. Self-love is your realization of the grandeur of you.

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