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My Dialogue with Ken Wilber Continues — Wilber/Gafni, Part 2

Marc Gafni » Audios » Featured » Integral Religion » Thought Leader Dialogues » Unique Self / Soul Prints » World Spirituality » My Dialogue with Ken Wilber Continues — Wilber/Gafni, Part 2

The Center for World Spirituality has published the second in a multi-part dialogue series on Unique Self featuring my dialogue with Ken Wilber (a series which will continue all autumn). In this second clip (about 20 minutes), we situate the Unique Self within the context of Integral Theory, in particular the differentiation between structures or stages of consciousness on the one hand and states on the other. We conclude by differentiating between specialness as an egoic claiming of place, which is competitive and aggressive, and a Unique Self specialness which is “the currency of connction.”

I coined the term “Unique Self” in his book Soul Prints, and have been working to develop the Unique Self teaching for over two decades. My latest book, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, explores and unpacks it even further. For a timeline of the Unique Self’s development, see the Unique Self Timeline.

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Read a partial transcript of the dialogue on Spirit’s Next Move.

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