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Additional Resources

If you have heard of troubling stories on the Internet about Marc Gafni, consult the “Marc Gafni Facts” page.

For additional Resources, see here:

General Commentary

1. Two Letters from Sally Kempton Recommending Marc Gafni

a. On Controversy – by Sally Kempton & Ken Wilber
b. Recommending Spiritual Teacher, Marc Gafni – by Sally Kempton

2. An Extended Feature Magazine Article Describing the Context of the Smears and Distortions

Article on Marc Gafni sets the record straight

3. False Claims: No Police Reports Were Ever Registered Against Marc Gafni in Israel or Anywhere

Nitsa Cohen re: Marc Gafni – Legal Letter

Regarding 2011 Issues

CWS Board Statement (2011 Issues)

A Statement of Unequivocal Support, from a Special Committee of the Board of Directors for the Center for World Spirituality, in Response to Attacks directed against Marc Gafni, D.Phil. in the Blogosphere During September 2011

Dr. Marc Gafni’s Responses to the Blogsphere Attack in Sept 2011 (2011 Issues)

1) Response One: Sept. 2011: Privacy and Postmodernism

2) Final Response: A Brief Note of Closure in Regard to the Blogosphere Explosion in Sept 2011

A Biographical Essay on Marc Gafni by Spiritual Teacher Sally Kempton — Long Version

A Biographical Essay on Marc Gafni by Spiritual Teacher Sally Kempton — Long Version

Joe Perez, A Leading Integral Blogger, Tracks the Controversy and Summarizes His Conclusions (2011 Issues) My conclusions on the Marc Gafni blogosphere controversy in the Integral community

Final Ken Wilber Statement Dec. 2011, Marc Gafni / Center for World Spirituality (2011 Issues)

Final Ken Wilber Statement Dec. 2011

Another Statement of Support (2011 Issues)

Honoring a friend, colleague, and great teacher (9/13/2011)

Statement by Sally Kempton (2011 Issues)

Spiritual Teacher Sally Kempton on Marc Gafni and Distortions on the Web (9/13/2011)

Essay by Dr. Marc Gafni on the Overarching Issues (2011 Issues)

Privacy, Post Modernism, Sex, Teachers and Students, by Marc Gafni, Sept. 2011

Regarding 2006 Issues

Marc Gafni Public Statement: Clarification of my part in the Contribution System

     Sex, Ethics, and Injury: An Essay by Marc Gafni

Statement of Support for Rabbi Marc Gafni

Dr. Cindy Lou Golin, Ph.D. Response to Controversy

Dr. Joseph H. Berke – Report and Evaluation

Evaluation Team of Thomas W. Meecham, L.C.S.W., B.C.D., and Kevin J. Udis, Ph.D.

Frederick R. Thaler, Jr. Attorney-at-Law

A Woman’s Point of View

Why I Signed the Letter

Future Intentions

Results of Polygraph Tests

Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
Author, and Social Innovator