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The Dark Night: Marc Gafni

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this is part two of Batman, Luke Ford and Me.

gorgeous day to everyone!



The Batman movie had something profound to say about leadership, false accusations and what Wilhelm Reich referred to in a book by that name as The Murder of Christ.

At the end of the movie Batman realizes that someone must take upon himself the shadow of the community. Batman willingly agrees to do so because he can. Because his heart is big enough, because his love is deep and his faith wide. He is not happy about the role.

The movie ends with Batman being falsely typecast as an insane predator. Batman in the movie’s climax is being hunted by dogs when the true villain who had committed five murders is received by the community as a great and righteous hero.

Batman is willing to risk his legacy for the sake of integrity. That is what makes him a true master, and in the end, it is what will assure his legacy.

There is of course a powerful Christian Christ theme running through the movie much like the theme of Larry W. movie the Matrix. Larry told me he took part of his inspiration from the world of comic books. Batman, in this movie rendition, is very much the Christ figure who is sacrificed for the sake of the people.

What is so terribly problematic about this all for all practioners of Hebrew wisdom, is the implied assumption that the people are not capable of saving themselves.

The enlightened master, according to the Torah of my teacher Mordechai Lainer of Izbica, is the one “who saves himseself”.

Part of the great attraction of classical Christ consciousness is that it confirms the human sense of inadequacy. Indeed “you are dammed. Indeed you are but a beast of the field, without all that much worth, value or dignity”. And certainly without much capability and competence when it comes to you own development and evolution.

Hebrew wisdom says that this is all not true. While recognizing human frailty, vulnerability ad weakness, Hebrew wisdom never the less and in spite of all evidence to the contrary affirms human dignity and adequacy, even human grandeur. The basic belief of the prophets is that you can. To be commanded is to be capable.

Implicit in the divine command to human beings. A divine call for human evolution, transformation and development of epic and heroic proportions- means that the um

And that it the belief that you can. That you are dignified, valuable worthwhile and adequate. You can take response- ability for your own life. You can make choices and honor them. You can and will make it. You are a baby faced divine of infinite gorgeousness, power and beauty even as you have equally grand potential for shadow and ugliness.
The choice- every moment of every day – is always yours..and mind and ours together.

ps.yo…lighten up gafni
the opposite of oy is yo
yo is the evolution of oy
if you know what i mean
i think that is an evolutionary insight:)

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