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The Feast of Tabernacles {Sukkot} and Eros: Marc Gafni

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advanced post for those initiated into kabbalah:

The Baal Haleshem says explicitly that the cherubs are Ze’ir Anpin {the masculine expression of the divine} and Nukva {the feminine manifestation of the divine} (Sha’arei Haleshem, section 1:17; section 2:2). He cites Raya Mehimna (Zohar vol. 3, 255b), where a beautiful analogy is made between sitting in the sukkah (literally — protection) and being under the protective wingspread of the two cherubs., who are respectively YHVH (tiferet, the divine masculine), and ADNY (malhut, the divine feminine). When these two are in perfect erotic union, we intermingle the letters of their name, creating a new name — YAHDVNHY. The numerical value (gematria) of these two names together, that is, of this ideal zivvug, is 91 — the gematria of sukkah!

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