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The Spiritual Practice of Torah Study: Marc Gafni

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More then any other spiritual art, study has been my life long spiritual practice. The Study of Torah. The study of Reality.

Study is not the accumulation of information. It is rather – the suspension of ego and small self – in the radical commitment to the discernment of truth. Study yields not information but wisdom. Wisdom is that which reveals truth- pariticularly – the true nature of all things.

The discernment of truth. Every form of truth. The truth of the transcendent and the truth of the immanent. The truth of spirit and the truth of the earth. Study opens up the middle way between opposites in which – in the language of the original sources, Heaven and Earth kiss.

Study is the willingness to let go of all fixed idea of truth and open oneself to the truth as it is. Study is Enlightenment, Liberation and ultimately Grace.

In the two or three blogs that I have asked to be posted in over the next day or so I share with you some of my practice of Torah Study, unpacked for you from the depth of the hebrew mystical tradition.

Whoever you are -wherever you are; Intense study – of one form or another is essential for the Liberated Life.

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