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Weddings, Brides and Grooms: Part Two: Marc Gafni

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Deeper still, we become revealers of the divine, in each other.153 God sees God.

“All love is the love of God.” Recanati, Renaissance mystic
For those that still doubt that perception can create love, picture for a moment the most sexually erotic vision you can imagine. Clearly, the perception of that person in the eros of their nakedness creates great pleasure.

Again, the sexual stands as a model for Love. For love is to perceive another person unmasked, in the pristine beauty of their spiritual and emotional nakedness. Love is the pleasure produced by such a perception, when our loving awareness strips the beloved of its outer coatings and stands it fully revealed before the perceiving mind.

it is almost shabbot; the ultimate wedding, between men and women, the masculine and the feminine, man, woman and god, …and …man and woman in God.

let it already be so!

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