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Who Am I? I Am an Outrageous Love Letter

Watch this teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni on Being an Outrageous Love Letter as our special gift from the Mystery School on Reclaiming Eros:


Some of the themes Marc Gafni covers in this video:

  • Loving Your Way to Enlightenment
  • Who Are You? From separate self through True Self to Unique Self
  • The Strawberry-Ice-Cream Principle
  • Evolutionary Spirituality and Being Part of the Process
  • God Is Madly in Love with Everybody
  • Spiritual Bypass and Working with Childhood Wounds
  • Reality Is a Divine Text: I Am an Outrageous Love Letter

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I am an Outrageous Love Letter. There is a text I have to write that can be written by no one else other than me!

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A Return To Eros: Living The Erotic Life

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