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A New Renaissance of Evolutionary Love – Ervin Laszlo and Marc Gafni in Conversation

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In 2014, Ervin Laszlo and Marc Gafni met in Tuscany and dialogued on the topic of Evolutionary Love—envisioning a new Renaissance that will take us to the future.

They touched on a wide array of subjects:

  1. Introduction, The New Renaissance, & Love as an Erotic Force
  2. The Second Shock of Existence
  3. Evolutionary Love, The True Nature of Reality & Unique Self Enlightenment
  4. Supercoherence
  5. Self-Organization, the Ability to Receive Information from the Larger System, & the Spiritual Dimension
  6. How to Open the Eye of the Spirit & The Unique Self Symphony
  7. Evolutionary Love — Personal and Cosmic Love Are One — the Personal as a Quality of Essence
  8. Appearing as the One — Unending Symphony
  9. Prayer
  10. Death and Reincarnation

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As a gift to you, we offer you the first key part of the dialogue for free here:

In it, Marc and Ervin cover the following subjects:

  • After we have killed all the gods except for Aphrodite, although we worship at her altar of love, we have lost the meaning of the word love.
  • “I love you” is our sacred credo but we have forgotten what it truly means.
  • Love IS reconstruction. We need to reconstruct because the world is falling apart.
  • We need unity in diversity and Love is that element of unity. It is what holds it all together.
  • What makes a system whole is the sense of belonging of its parts.
  • Evolutionary Love is the love of reconnecting, of rebirthing the world, of becoming part of it.


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