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Audio 9: The New Human

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Audio series with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Marc Gafni

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

Podcast nine, the greatest story ever told. Marc has laid out the evolutionary story and the fact that each one of us is an expression of that story. I want you to notice what happens to you as a person when the story wakens up in you, because you know, the ordinary human being may not be totally aware of all of this. Where and how does this awareness start? First, I’m going to point out what happens from a biological point of view. We know about you get conceived, you gestate, and you’re born. I have discovered in my own life, from being a somewhat ordinary woman, married, five children, getting depressed, all of that, loving my children, loving my husband, but waking up, here is the way it happened.

I’m using a biological analogy. The first phase of waking up to being a evolutionary unique human I’m calling conception. You have to have some experience of more than your ordinary life, an epiphany, a spiritual awakening, an intuition that gets to you and you go, “Aha! Something new has happened,” but what is it? You are living an ordinary life, and there’s no sign around you that what this is is important, but if it’s strong enough in you, you can’t let it go. It means you’re on the track to becoming a new human.

The next thing that you will do if this sudden inspiration keeps growing in you, is you will gestate it. You will read the books. You will take the classes. You will meditate. You will turn inside and see if you can get in touch with what it is that awakened in you that feels so great, that’s so much more than ordinary daily life. That’s gestation, but at some point in the gestation process, and this happened to me, which I will describe to you just how it happened. It happened when I was in my sixties. That’s how long it took. I was studying everybody, and I believed that there was something more inside me, but I wasn’t able to actualize it.

One day I said, “Give me contact with that deeper self that’s waking up.” I call that birth. Something began to be born inside me that was the essence of that which woke up. It’s what Marc is calling that heart’s desire. That reality and desire in me woke up during that birth, and I went through a very interesting process. I had projected that everything truly great that I thought of came from a higher personal being, a Christ self, a universal self, a higher master. One day I said, “I’m going to make an effort to get in touch with what that feeling is inside me that I have projected onto a higher being.

I was alone. It was in Marin County. It was during the winter, and I decided I was going to give myself 21 days and three hours a day. I got up very early. I turned on the fire. I lit the candles. I put on some beautiful music, and I did a very important type of meditation. I put my attention on the experience of that self when it awoke, when it was excited, when it was filled with desire. Usually it did that and then sank right back in, and my local self, my separated self, my egoic self would say to me, “That’s not who you are. You’re not all that good. You’re not important.” That local self subsided, and during this meditation phase I put my attention solidly on that unique self for let’s say an hour at a time.

Gradually, gradually what I realized is that the attention I put on the unique self awoke it inside me to recognize its need. Now what Marc calls unique self and evolutionary unique self I began to call my essential self, the essence of my being. It was something like unique self, but it had the quality mark of coming from the deep soul essence of your being, surfacing into consciousness, and wanting to really shift your identity from the separated self getting through life to the whole being incarnating that essence. I began to get some very, very strong guidelines as to what to do about this.

I created an inner sanctuary. In that inner sanctuary the practice was to protect myself from the attack of my local self, from the local self that says, “You haven’t done enough. You’re not good enough. You are a failure,” all the negative, irritated thoughts of my being. I was able to keep them out, and I kept my attention on essence, on that unique self that is desire that you’re speaking of, Marc. With that the essential self took hold and began to be clearly who I am. The guideline here was, “Keep your attention on me. Become director of your attention, Barbara. Every time that local self interrupts you and tells you, ‘That’s not who you are,’ every time that happens, to shift your attention to that essence.” By putting attention on it I began to become my essential self.

Then I began to see the essential self in others, rather than their local selves or the selves that irritated me. It began to be essence with essence, until I would say I gradually began to incarnate and become my own essence. I wonder, Marc, if that is what you’re calling evolutionary unique self. How do you see that incarnation of the reality becoming the person, him or herself? How do you see that.

Dr. Marc Gafni:

That’s really what I’m calling unique self actually. In other words, what you’ve done is is just if you put our terms together. In the story of the five selves I move from separate self to true self. True self is that essence of all is that lives of me. That’s true self. Then the unique expression of all that it, the unique expression of true self, that’s unique self. True self and unique self are really what you’re calling essential self, in which evolutionary self can be kind if the next step, which is more similar to what I think you are going to call in a little while, perhaps next podcast, Homo Universalis.

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

Yes. Exactly, because what happens, and I think this is natural, from unique self to evolutionary unique self, is this essential self that was being being born in me. If you go back to the biological analogy, at first it’s sort of like an infant. You don’t know exactly how to handle yourself as an essence, but you begin to remember who you are. It reminded me of how a baby feels when it suddenly wakes up and doesn’t know who it is and cries. Then it remembers and it smiles. It was just like that. I went through my infancy and put more and more attention on essence. It entered childhood. I saw, “Oh. It’s in other people.”

I coined the phrase, “We’re in kindergarten.” We’re in a garden of children who are becoming their own essence, like probably on this phone call there are many people who are in the garden of children, of young, new humans becoming this deep, soul level essential self. As that happened I entered my adolescence. Adolescence I call second puberty, because what happens to this essential self, and this is probably where it becomes the evolutionary unique self is you get vocational arousal.

Instead of getting sexual arousal just to join your genes because nature wants you to have some babies, you’re getting suprasexual arousal, which is the passion to join and to create. You’re getting a sense of your own genius. You’re getting a sense during adolescence that this reality that you’re supposed to give is uniquely you and beautiful. You’re able to arouse people. That’s when you become telerotic. That is to say you are internally aroused by your own creativity and the yearning to give it, and you cannot give it alone. You cannot give it without finding those who want to receive what you have to give, so you enter really a new kind of love affair in your adolescence. You can get a lot of false signals and too many people that you’re attracted to. It’s very much like a teenager, and you don’t know how to handle this passion, this love.

If you learn this, and you say yes to it, and you cultivate it with dignity, and real practical results could be able to fulfill what your potential is, you begin to become an adult essential self, an adult human, an adult co-creator, beginning to be able to truly recognize that essence of you is divine, is reality desiring you. I’ll just complete this in my next podcast, go further into it. I believe that this type of human who has said yes to their own deepest self and is acting it out is becoming a member of an emerging species, which I will call Homo Universalis. We’re going somewhere. We’ve been saying evolution is going somewhere, a higher order, a higher consciousness, more love. Every one of us who says yes to this is going somewhere.

Marc, when you put the emerging human into the great story, do you see a rising crop of us now? What’s happening now to the humans?

Dr. Marc Gafni:

Yeah. No. I think there’s definitely a rising crop there. There’s a democratization of greatness. There’s a democratization of enlightenment that’s happening. That which used to be the province of elites, that is now becoming available to enormous amounts of people. I mean, just think about it for a second. In order to find a true teacher 150 years ago you had to travel far and you had to search. Today, although it’s still not easy to find a true teacher, but the deepest teachings of all the great traditions are available to people, and you have many, many more people with dispensable time, so a larger and larger middle class and upper middle class that is beyond the survival challenge that’s studying and transforming. Within the more challenged economic classes you still have more and more desire to move beyond survival into study and depth.

We have this growing emergent population, which is a big tipping point. We have for the first time 70, 80, 90 million people in the world, that world centric consciousness. We have a sense of felt care and concern for the whole world. We have meditation, enlightenment, mindfulness entering the mainstream society. We have progressive versions of religion, which share deep common characteristics that are core and essential to the leading edges of society in many places. We have for the first time a growing leading edge, which is leading us towards a tipping point, a tipping point in which for the first time these ideas, these leading edge ideas, these next stage ideas, these ideas which incarnate the new human could actually potentially become part of the very bedrock of who we are as human beings. It’s such an incredibly exciting time, and it could all go wrong.

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

Well, that’s why it’s so exciting to be alive now, because that means that everything you choose to do is affecting the tipping point. If you say yes to that inner drive to be more, to love more, to create more uniquely as you, you’re contributing to the tipping point, towards not only just a positive future of more of the same, but as I’m going to say in the next podcast, a positive future that we’ve never seen before. If you add all the new science and technology to this essential human, to this evolutionary unique self that wants to be more and love more at a time of planetary crisis, I think we’re going to see a new world being born through us.

Dr. Marc Gafni:

Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s so exciting. That’s next podcast. Oh my god. I can’t wait.

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

I think I’ll end this podcast, Marc, with a real tribute to this new human in us everywhere on the earth now needing to come together and recognize that reality needs us, and we need to be reality expressing our love. Thank you.

Dr. Marc Gafni:

Yes. Thank you, Barbara. We’ll see you next week, love. That was awesome.

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