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Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Foreword to A Return to Eros

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A Return to ErosA Return to Eros, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marc Gafni, Kristina Kincaid, Dr. Marc Gafni, Gafni, Eros is a tour de force of the kind that comes along once in a generation. The way this volume brings Eros to consciousness as the fundamental force, direction, and “purpose” of reality on all levels and all quadrants, really is the discovery that now underlies, directs, and “explains” the sacred purpose of cosmogenesis, the birth narrative of the New Human.

It’s the second coming of humanity for the first time in history incarnate as a fully embodied sacred sexual being.

It’s the early stages of next evolutionary unfolding.

A Return to Eros forms the basis of evolutionary spirituality. It captures the glory of its conscious experience from the inside out in the sexuality and Eros of the evolutionary unique self.

It’s the experiential basis of the next stage of living and loving.

It’s the deepest reason for profound sexual yearning. It’s vital and is truly the only path beyond shame. It must not be denied.

It reveals the very nature of “God-in-evolution.”

It is the answer to my life question: What is the meaning of our new power that is good?

The answer is the manifestation of what this volume calls Evolutionary Eros in human form to its next level of the supramental genius as consciously guided self and social evolution.

It’s the source energy, which can arouse the Planetary Awakening through Unique Self Symphony.

It is the juicy and delicious fruit of the joining of genius. Sexuality and suprasexuality become one.

God “Took the Risk” in revealing E = MC2, the genetic code—the language of science—to give humans the powers of our ancient gods to use.

What the authors call “Love or Die” is the new commandment of the ontic human.

It is conscious evolution revealed as erotic evolution made aware of us in our loving.

It is the fundamental sacralization of sex at all levels.

The authors make the radical claim, which I believe is true, that when this force is not recognized, when it is denied, the result is abuse, whether in the form of rape culture or in the false complaints that attempt the rape of a name. It is only, the authors tell us, “when we embrace the full beauty of our embodied Eros, not merely in the sexual but in every dimension of our lives” that we begin to live in integrity.

Marc Gafni, the first author of this book, is an Erotic Radical. He incarnates the evolutionary Eros and articulates its teaching in ways that are several steps ahead of the generation. Like many radicals he has been made to bear the cross of a new vision. He has seen his actions falsified and distorted and experienced the projection and demonization that comes with the territory of incarnating this new vision of Eros. But as I have witnessed myself in a thousand conversations, he has kept his heart open in love, and turned his suffering into a gift and his pain into art. I am proud to stand with Marc as an evolutionary partner in offering this new vision of Eros and identity that is so vitally needed in our evolution.

Marc’s co-author on this volume, Kristina Kincaid, herself incarnates evolutionary Eros through her work with the body. Mentored by the leading edge somatic teachers of our time, she understands the inseparable connection between one’s sexuality and one’s emotionality and how that relationship is mirrored through our relationship to life. She brings a deep embodied understanding of the flow of Eros, love, and sexuality through the body. It is this teaching that can radically transform our lives and birth the new human. The new human majestically called forth in this book will walk with unarmored body, will love with unguarded heart, and, through body, heart, and mind, be connected to all of life.

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Futurist, President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution,
& Co-Chair of the Center for Integral Wisdom

Foreword from the newly published book A Return to Eros by Marc Gafni & Kristina Kincaid — one of the key think tank projects of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

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