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Dr. Marc Gafni in Thrive Global

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You want to read more by Dr. Marc Gafni online? Follow him on Thrive Global, where he has been featured a couple of times as part of their Wisdom Channel.

So, far there have been four pieces by him, starting with a Crisis of Imagination. In it, he discusses how “the greatest crisis of our lives is not economic, intellectual, or even what we usually call religious.”

We have forgotten that we are superheroes. Eaten away by moths, our capes are long forgotten at the backs of our closets. Birds don’t fly because they have wings; they have wings because they fly. We are what we imagine ourselves to be. The wings always come in good time. We need to reclaim our capes of holy imagination and heal our fear of flying.

The next three pieces are excerpts from Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment by Dr. Marc Gafni:

Are You Special?


One of the most confusing things to people on a genuine spiritual path is the utter denial of specialness. You have an experience that you are special, but you are told by spiritual teachers and books that if you experience yourself as special, you are still stuck in ego. So you work really hard to get rid of the feeling of being special. But it is always there, lurking in the corner just beneath the surface of your spiritual posturing. This makes you feel like an impostor and fraud. On the one hand, you are having intense spiritual experiences during regular practice and living your compassion in the world.

Unique or Separate—The Integration of Eastern and Western Enlightenment


PERHAPS the greatest mistake in the evolution of human spirituality was the failure to properly distinguish between separateness and uniqueness. This simple statement is the result of many years of meditation on Unique Self and the reading of countless classic and popular texts that all confused separateness and uniqueness, each in its own way. Once this realization dawned on me, I could see that one of the great intractable problems standing in the face of human evolution could be resolved. The knotted contradiction between the major types of human spirituality are easily unraveled, opening the door to a higher integral embrace of enlightenment. This acknowledgment of the difference between separate and unique in turn allows us to move one vital step closer toward the emergence of a genuine translineage dharma and world spirituality.

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