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The Essence of Revelation

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Diary Dharma Sharing by Dr. Marc Gafni


sky-1107952_1920the essence of revelation

of enlightenment and

of integrity

is faith


faith means to be faithful to the memory

to let it guide and inspire us


long after materialism claims that the memory will fade

all of ritual

all of religion at its best is about

staying faithful to the memory


we are faithful to the memory of the past

we are always recovering the memory of the past

and we are faithful to the memory of the future


my practice when I get up in the morning

is to recover the memory of the past

and to discover the memory of the future

through falling as a child in the arms of She

and asking her grace

your grace my love

holy wanton beautiful stunning She



Is not to receive revelation

everyone receives revelation

The essence is to HOLD the revelation

after its initial intensity

the arousal from above

the free gift of Goddess

has passed


in that same and precise way

we say that

the sexual models the erotic

in our cosmo-erotic universe

in which eros lives for a billion years

before sex


yet sex is a momentous leap

it is a disclosure of Eros

and it models Eros

the movement towards every greater wholes

which is pleasure itself


one way this model works

is “like a virgin for the very first time”

that is to say – our eyes become closed –

we lose the beauty of our beloved

we lose the grace of arousal

when it is occluded by time

by outrageous pain


by the clenches of life

by the contraction of fear

by all that is outrageous pain

#metoo and republican tax bills and Russian collusion, Smears and Tears

and intense financial pressure

clenches that take us out and put us on the benches

early childhood pain in our adult lives

previous incarnations

and loneliness

all of it

all the shit


but we respond to outrageous pain with outrageous love

it is outrageous not because of its intensity

the intensity is the gift of She

what mystics call

Arousal from Above

but that is divine yet ordinary


Rather it is Outrageous love

because we refuse to let it FADE

it is outrageous love


And let it love us open




fuck us open

long after the memory should be gone –

according to cynical readings of human nature

We feel the drip of her nectar

long after life should have dried us up


it is outrageous love

because our response to

the gift of she – Arousal from ABOVE




in arousal from above

She initiates and she provokes


in arousal from below

we initiate and we provoke


it is the transition from prayer to prophecy


“Not revelation tis that waits

but our unfurnished eyes”*


we are guided by revelation

life a virgin

for the very first time


She speaks

we listen and we delight

we recover the memory of the past

we live the memory of future

we evolve the source code

node by node


we eat we drink we laugh we cry

all sweet fragrance

so very high

to She Above

Outrageous Love


*Emily Dickinson



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