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The Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0

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On October 1st, 2016 Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marc Gafni held this beautiful free community call. In it they discuss the Planetary Awakening through the Unique Self Symphony or what they came to call the Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0.

This dialogue represented one of the first expressions of Barbara and Marc integrating memetic codes into a higher order or coherence–a new whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Barbara brought us the idea of a Planetary Awakening, emergent from De Chardin’s notion of the “Christification of the Earth”–with Barbara and De Chardin representing a “conscious evolutionary” updating of the biblical prophets.

Marc brought us the Unique Self Symphony which is a highly precise and yet poetic memetic structure, with many pages of articulation behind it. In a word, Unique Self Symphony is the “self-organizing universe moving towards Unique Self–all of which come together in a meta-mind of evolutionary we space–Unique Self Symphony, which is the basis for a Politics of Evolutionary Love.” Hence the Planetary Awakening through the Unique Self Symphony.

Marc, Barbara, Zak, Daniel, Kerstin, Kristina, Claire, Peter, Venu, Adam, and other think tank leaders at the Center for Integral Wisdom are all engaged in different conversations articulating and filling out this meme to its fullest resonance. There are two key core think tank books which address in very different ways this core theme.

But that is just the beginning. In this short dialogue Marc and Barbara introduce a key idea they have been working with for the last year–which they are calling Wheel of Co- Creation 2.0. Barbara’s beautiful and crucial notion of connecting co-creators worldwide who are the leading edge of each of the twelve sectors of the wheel is Wheel 1.0.

Marc added a second Wheel, inset to the first, which has twelve sectors expressing twelve dimensions of Unique Self Expression–through which the Unique Self–living his or her irreducibly unique expression of love intelligence–giving his or her Unique Gift–affects the entire field of reality. This is Wheel 2.0.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Marc Gafni, Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0

As Marc says in a recent video dialogue with Barbara on the Politics of Outrageous Love:

“When you have an evolutionary relationship to life, your experience is that your next act of awakening as outrageous love and creatively living that outrageous love and enacting it in the world can actually tip the entire system.”

Listen to the community call here:

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