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Unique Self & Love

Listen to this beautiful excerpt from an early audio course on Unique Self & Love. This 10 part course was never released before. It contains an early teaching on Unique Self before the Unique Self book was written. It was not spoken to an audience but beautifully recorded in a studio.

In this excerpt you will learn about . . .

  • Distinguishing between the pre-personal and trans-personal dimensions of a chant practice
  • The story of the Baal Shem Tov and the heart of darkness
  • The pain of an unlived life, of Unique Self unlived
  • Two tastes of the One – Two types of perfection
  • Evolutionary Integrity: Taking into account everyone that came before and everyone that comes after me
  • Your Contribution to the Evolutionary Becoming of Existence that is none other than Your Unique Self
  • The dangers of trying to skip a stage: First deconstruct the ego, then enter into Original Face, the identity with All-That-Is; and then the Personal comes back online at the level of Unique Self.

Enjoy the teaching:

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