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Why Hebrew Wisdom?

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Are you interested in the Hebrew Wisdom Lineage Teachings that are featured on this site but weren’t able to find and access the relevant pages?

Are you involved with or interested in the newer aspects of Marc Gafni’s teachings on Unique Self, World Spirituality and Outrageous Love and are wondering about how this relates to all this talk about Kabbalah, Chassidim and Biblical Mysticism?

Are you looking for Marc’s teachings in Hebrew?

Then, this page might be for you.

Take a look at all the riches of content there as a special gift to you while we are working on a new version of this site.

Welcome to Hebrew Wisdom!

by Marc Gafni

In this section, there are videos, audios, and many many articles or pieces of articles that I wrote until the year 2006, where my primary engagement and interface with reality was as an orthodox rabbi. I remain a rabbi today and it is one of my great, great honors to serve in that lineage tradition; but I don’t practice or teach within a classically Jewish contexts. I teach within an integral wisdom or world spirituality contexts.





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