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Wisdom for your Week: A Gift from the Summer Festival of Love at Venwoude

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Dr. Marc Gafni teaching at Venwoude.

Dr. Marc Gafni teaching at Venwoude.

The second annual Mystery School of Love was a success. More than 150 people came to celebrate with us this year’s theme: “Reclaiming Eros.” Many participants were here with us last year and were excited to be here again!

To give you a little taste of it, we want to share with you just the first few minutes of Marc Gafni’s opening dharma talk, where he sets the frame by giving us 6 principles and commitments for the week. This is before any of the real dharma got started – this was the first hello:

The 6 Principles and Commitments

No 1: The principle of donkey-smuggling.

No 2: The opposite of pain is not pleasure but comfort. Pleasure always incorporates tension and pain. We are going for radical pleasure this week—not comfort.

No 3: The principle of strawberry ice-cream: We have to be able to taste it. You cannot touch God unless you are in the World Space that “knows God” (Integral Semiotics).

No 4: The Democratization of Enlightenment: A key term coined by Dr. Marc in 2006 and a touchstone of World Spirituality and Unique Self teaching.

No 5: The commitment to stay and be here all the way.

No 6: Loving Our Way to Enlightenment: the core of Marc’s enlightenment transmission–as someone wrote about him recently “he is Rumi.”

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