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How Can We Change the World in 9 Steps?

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The Power of a Unique Self Symphony Part 1*

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How can we create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” that Charles Eisenstein alludes to in lots of his work? How do we co-create a world that works for 100% of humanity, as Buckminster Fuller has called it?

In his Dharma Summary in 9 steps, from the Online Course The Evolution of Love, Dr. Marc Gafni shows us the way:

Step 1:

Really get what it means that “we live in a world of outrageous pain.”

Step 2:

Deeply understand that “the only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love.”

Step 3:

Realize that “Outrageous love is not ordinary love. Ordinary love is a strategy of the ego; separate self. Outrageous love is the nature of reality itself. It’s evolutionary love. It’s the love that moves the sun and other stars. It’s what Tagore said: ‘Love is not a mere human sentiment. It’s the heart of existence itself.'”

Step 4:

Recognize that in order “to be aligned with reality, you [need to] awaken as outrageous love.”

Step 5:

Get that who you really are is “you are an outrageous lover.”

Step 6:

Ask yourself: What does an outrageous lover do?

Step 7:

Get that “an outrageous lover commits outrageous acts of love” and ask yourself: “Which ones? There’s so much to do.”

Step 8:

Deeply understand that “an outrageous lover commits THE outrageous acts of love that are a function of his or her Unique Self.”

Step 9:

Understand the answer to the question: “How can that change the world?” is as follows:

  • Unique Selves are attracted to each other.
  • They come together as a Unique Self symphony.
  • That Unique Self symphony awakening all over the world has the ability to heal the source code…
  • …and participate and cause the evolution of love.

Listen & Watch:

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The Evolution of Love: Activating Evolutionary Relationships & Unique Gender

CIWPrograms, Marc Gafni, Dr. Marc Gafni, Dharma, Outrageous Love, The Evolution of LoveYou have a vision in your mind, an ecstatic urgency welling in your heart, an insistent demand in your a body – for the “ultimate relationship”.

You know it exists – You can feel it in your gut – but you just have no clue how to get there?

You have tried everything – you have read all the books – taken all the seminars – and the same relationships dynamics, traps, limitations, failures, and most of all fears, refuse to let go of you. You cannot get free and find the relationship of your dreams?

Relationships are our spiritual practice.

We have killed all the gods except for Aphrodite but we have forgotten how to worship at her altar.

You know that behind the closed door, an extraordinary relationship awaits you but you don’t know how to find the door!

You feel like a man, you feel like a woman but that does not exhaust your identity!

Transgender is not your path but the old gender stereotypes do not work either! You sense some great new possibility for your most intimate identity but you are not quite sure how to find your way!

You want to play a larger game!

You want to live a life that matters, not just to yourself but that contributes your Unique Gift to reality. You feel like you are a superhero – like reality needs your service, but don’t want to speak it out loud. You know that finding the right relationship is utterly key.

If any of this resonates with your deeper heart, mind and body, then Welcome!

You are in the right place. We prepared this course for you!

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* The painting used for the course graphics of The Evolution of Love Course is “L’orgine” by Matteo Arfanotti.

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