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Moving Humanity Towards Collective Intelligence

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The Power of a Unique Self Symphony Part 5*
A Video Talk with Dr. Marc Gafni


marc gafni, dr. marc gafni, unique self symphony, becoming a future human

How do we scale what’s working in humanity?
How do we know what structures, or social contracts, are truly working?
What are our models?
What is a Unique Self Symphony?


Throughout the video, Center for Integral Wisdom President Marc Gafni addresses these questions and shares the vision of Unique Self Symphony, pointing to models of humanity that both work and don’t work.

His core question, explored through both current models, like Bitcoin, and ancient models of prophetic claims made in early texts, is how does humanity move beyond its current organizational societal structures to bring forward the unique genius of all people?

Change tends to happen through the evolution of physical structures. Evolutionary change is not random, but rather an emergent process of bringing forward more uniqueness, and therefore more opportunities of creating new models of humanity. These are some of the basic rules of collective intelligence.

A Unique Self Symphony is the driving force of evolution where Unique Selves come together to express the collective intelligence of humanity: Everyone has a special perspective; no one is extra; everyone is needed.

 Enjoy the Video with Dr. Marc Gafni:


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A Gift and a Call To Play Your Full Role in the Birth of a New Humanity

Who do we need to become in order for humanity to make it though its current dangerous technological adolescence and to create a world that is truly commensurate with our full human, scientific, social, spiritual, and technological capabilities? If you are here to embody your unique gift fully for the benefit of all life and play your role as a steward of the cosmos and the birth of a new humanity, then welcome! This course is for everyone that knows humanity is at the brink of an epochal shift, that believes we can create the world the great sages knew was possible, and that wants to be a part of co-creating that world together.

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Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
Author, and Social Innovator

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