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The Vision of a Great Library

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The Power of a Unique Self Symphony Part 4*

The Great Library is an expression of our mission at the Center for Integral Wisdom to evolve the source code of culture and to participate in the evolution of love.

Our questions: How do we participate in the evolution of love? How do we play a larger game?

Marc Gafni, Dr. Marc Gafni, The Great Library

Through writing and publishing, we create what we are calling, the Great Library, a body of work written, as Dr. Zachary Stein, Co-President of the Center for Integral Wisdom said so beautifully, our response to the question: What do we need to give “our children” so they can prosper and grow into their highest potential–even though we don’t know what kind of challenges they will face in their lives?

That Great Library provides us with a shared language, a framework, or a context from which we can co-create together a world that works for everyone. In a previous post, Dr. Marc has talked about some of the pre-requisites of a Unique Self Symphony. To have shared values, a shared framework, or what we call shared memetic structures is one of these conditions.


Watch and listen to Dr. Marc Gafni here and read the summary below:


One of our core memetic structures at the think tank of the Center for Integral Wisdom is what Marc Gafni has called: The Universe: a Love Story.

Reality is not a fact, it’s a story; it’s not an ordinary story, it’s a love story; it’s not an ordinary love story, but it’s an Outrageous, Evolutionary Love story.

In this body of work we come together (especially in our Board) as a Unique Self Symphony of physicists, interior scientists, scientists of the spirit, politicians, and more. In a world filled with radical uncertainty, we can know something about the memetic structures of reality.

Yes, we bow before the mystery. Yet, if we put together all the knowledge we have from diverse disciplines and link together the orienting generalizations of these disciplines, we begin to understand something about the nature of reality.

Reality is filled with agony and ecstasy, moving in a direction, powered by Evolutionary Eros. The Evolutionary Eros is at the center of everything. Its insides are lined with love–as the mystics tell us.

When we bring Evolutionary Eros together with Systems Theory, with Chaos Theory, with the Complexity sciences, with the best of Anthropology, the six structures of Attachment Theory, with the eleven schools of Psychology, with Unique Self Economics, and then abstract the orienting essential directions of each, we can show they are saying the same thing: the Universe is a love story.

Love is the central nature of the universe. Imagine a world in which every child woke up thirty years from now knowing that reality is a love story. When people know the fabric of reality, if they know that within them they have personally unique expressions of love and intelligence to share, when people access this uniqueness and beauty as their sense of being, things begin to change.

Putting this structure into the world, that’s why we at the Center for Integral Wisdom are here. This is beyond a job. Through writing, we participate in the evolution of the source code of culture. Together with every one of us, we co-create a planetary awakening through a Unique Self Symphony.

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