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Become the Social Artist of Your New Reality: Eros and the Unique Self Symphony

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The Power of a Unique Self Symphony Part 3*

Rivalrous relationships have become the structure of reality. This involves in-groups and the cohering of the in-group always requires an out-group. This is an example of pseudo eros.

Eros vs. Pseudo-Eros Marc Gafni, Dr. Marc Gafni,

If you’re genuinely in Eros you’re inside the circle. When you’re in Pseudo-Eros you’ve got to place someone else outside of the circle to give yourself the illusion you’re inside the circle.

How do you move beyond Pseudo-Eros?

Realize that a Pseudo-Eros relationship always causes conflict. In Eros you don’t need to create an out-group in order to have an in-group experience. You can break the Pseudo-Eros cycle by creating a new vision. And that new vision is Unique Self Symphony.

We self-organize through uniqueness because that’s where our Eros is. The desire to be your unique self. Through the allurement to each other and sharing of our Unique Selves and abilities we create a joint space, a symphony, which in return generates new realities, and new gorgeousness, that never existed before. We become social artists of the new reality and that’s the erotic strange attractor, which becomes the essential structural dimension that changes the nature of reality.

Listen to Marc Gafni on Pseudo-Eros vs. Eros


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Imagine being fully expressed with an unstoppable life force that aligned you with the will, the desire, the knowledge and the creative impulse to engage ALL areas of your life full-on; without fear or shame stopping you from moving forward. Imagine the transformative power and positive impact you’d have on your personal relationships and potentially be a major influence in the world.

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  • Find the power to kindle radical Outrageous Love in your life for your loved ones and beyond
  • Reimagine your life and all of the reality to create the world that works for everyone
  • Find joy, vitality, and success in every area of your life

This is the ideal companion to our think tank book A Return to Eros by Dr. Marc Gafni and Dr. Kristina Kincaid.

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